Soprano 1 - Gayelan

Gayelan Tietje-Ulrich, also referred by cool friends (like Richman) as Baby Cat, is the tippy top soprano in Side Note – aka Soprano 1. Depending on the day sometimes she can chirp like Mariah but secretly wishes she had sexy low notes like Ms. Simone. Alas, her a cappella introduction started at Smith College back in the land of maple syrup. She continues to carry her love for great music and weird people here with Side Note. Although she professes to abhor country music, when it comes to the magical karaoke machine she has a soft spot in her heart for the Dixie Chicks and Carrie Underwood. Not a secret but definitely a fact: Gayelan is a baby cat whisperer and will one day fall into a Grey Gardens complex, acquiring the proud title of Ultimate Cat Lady.

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