Tenor 2 - PD

Philip Daniel Santos, also known by his family, friends, and things of all nature as PD, PDiddy, Puff Daddy, or just daddy, is the tenor 2 in Side Note. AKA, he can’t sing low enough to be a bass and can’t sing high enough to be a tenor 1. AKA, he’s a Kelly, and everyone else is a Beyoncé.

PD’s a cappella start dates way back in high school, when he and a couple friends started a barbershop quartet for fun, and eventually competed in the Far Western District High School Barbershop Competition. Since then, a cappella music has kept him sane through nursing school and now adult life, with Side Note being a stress free time away from hours of taking care of patients.

You’ll hear him jammin’ to all top 40 hits, but you can count that he’ll always karaoke to John Legend – “Ordinary People.”

Quirky fact- his dog has more followers on Instagram than him. #stagemom

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