Director/Beatboxer - Richman

Richman “Poorman Oldman” Neumann is the group’s beatboxer, and sometimes Soprano 0, but sadly never bass. He was raised by a family of pianos in the remote forests of Redwood City, but didn’t start singing until high school choir, when he noticed that’s where all the ladies were at. Or at least some of the ladies. He has never done a karaoke song twice, but when he’s arranging Side Note’s next song, he sings that one about 100,000 times. One little-known fact about Richman is that he is cool. Richman is also a licensed architect and a wedding & portrait photographer, but those are side notes compared to Side Note. He wants you to know Side Note is having a show, and you should come to it!

Psst! He was too modest to include this but check out Richman’s amazing photography here:

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